How can I sell more on Stuvia?

Pay attention to the quality of the summary

  • When you write a summary for just yourself, the standards of the document could be lower than if you were to sell it, and you know others will read it. People notice this, so make sure the layout and writing style are clear for the user of the document. 

Advertisement helps

  • Add the title of the book, the ISBN and make sure you have added all other useful information in the description. This way, Google may boost your summary in their search results!

Share your content on social media

  • Share your Stuvia seller profile and summaries on social media, this way other students can make use of your summaries.

  • Share your profile link on social media one or two weeks before the start of the exams.

  • Share the summary with all of your study groups.

Make flashcards

  • Create flashcards from the summaries that you have uploaded. Think of questions that would help the reader of the document to prepare for an exam.

Bundle your uploads

  •  Combine uploads in a bundle and sell them for a fixed price.

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