How do I make my Stuvia seller profile as complete as possible?

To give other students a better idea of who you are and what kind of summaries you sell, it is important to make your Stuvia profile as complete as possible.

Name your Stuvia selling profile and give it a description.  Explain who you are, what you are studying and what courses you write summaries for.

When you log in via Facebook or Google, the profile picture of that account will be used. You can change your profile picture by selecting a new file.

Tip: do you have your own logo, are you the owner of a company? Use your logo to make your profile more unique.

Add the country that you study in, the institution, course and year of study. This way, other students can find your account more easily.

To change your profile picture: Log in to your Stuvia profile ⇾ go to settings ⇾ add profile picture ⇾ click “select file