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Why does an item sometimes has to be paid separately?

Due to new European legislation, some things have changed in whether you can buy a document from a student that lives in another country. One of the consequences is that if you want to buy a document...
date_range Last updated: 2 months ago

Why can I not print the document?

Sometimes it is not possible to print the document. This is probably because you opened the document in the viewer. If you want to print the document you have to download the document first before you...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

Where can I find my purchased documents?

After you’ve finished your payment, your purchased document will be available in ‘Downloads’ in your Stuvia account. The documents will not be sent via e-mail or via physical post! Can’t find you...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

I just bought a document, but I am unable to open it. What do I have to do?

Oops! Send us a message and try to explain as detailed as possible what the issue is. Hopefully, we can help you out right away and you’ll have the document in no time.If you see an error, please atta...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

It looks like something went wrong with the layout of the document since it looks strange and ugly. What do I have to do?

Sometimes a document hasn’t been uploaded properly. This could mean some of the text isn’t correctly displayed or there might be some tables or figures that are corrupted or are overlapping the text i...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

Can I print the documents I've purchased on Stuvia?

Yes, you can. Go to your dashboard and click on 'Downloads'. Open the document you'd like to print so you'll get a preview. Click on the 'Download'-icon on the top right to save the document. Keep in...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

Is it possible to purchase documents from other countries on Stuvia?

Ja! Oui! Si! Yebo! Yes, that’s possible. Our search engine is built in such a way that you can find and purchase documents originating from other countries. Just in case there isn’t a certain summary...
date_range Last updated: 1 month ago

What is the format of a document when I download it?

When you download a document, you will almost always receive the document as a PDF file as our system automatically converts documents to one when it is uploaded. However, we will not change a Powerpo...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

Can I also download the PDF file as a Word document?

No, unfortunately, that is not possible. Our system automatically converts Word documents to a PDF file. You could send the seller a message and ask if he/she could send you the Word document per emai...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

Why am I unable to see the entire document?

If you would like to see the entire document, you first have to buy it. Otherwise, you will only see a couple of selected preview pages. 
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago