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What happens with all of my personal information within my profile?

Your personal information will always be treated with proper care. All connections between your personal computer and Stuvia are going over an https (the s stands for secured connection) so that your...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

Why should I upload my own documents?

You have probably put blood, sweat and tears in writing your document and now you can earn a little extra money from it. When you share your work, you help someone else to prepare for an exam. A win-w...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

How do I send a message to the seller of a document?

Click on the username of the seller that you see on the document page You will then see the user's page with all the documentsNext, to the username there is a symbol of an envelope, click hereYou...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago

I would like to give a review for a document. How do I do that?

After purchasing and studying a document, you can write a review. To do so, you go to your 'Downloads' and you will have to click on 'Post Review'. Then a window appears in which you can assign a numb...
date_range Last updated: 9 months ago